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Dental Chipping Is Often a Symptom of a Bigger Dental Problem

Posted on 3/15/2024 by Weo Admin
A close up rendering of a chipped toothThe tooth enamel is a tough outer covering of your tooth. It is one of the strongest substances in our bodies. However, this does not mean that it cannot sustain damage. Excessive wear and tear and forceful blows can cause your tooth to chip. This results in a condition called dental chipping. When you notice you have dental chips that occur naturally, it could be a sign of more significant dental problems. In that case, you need to get in touch with us immediately.

Dental Chipping

Sometimes, you might not know you have dental chips. In most cases, you might not feel any pain until the chip is large enough to expose the nerves in your tooth. You will experience increased tooth sensitivity when a chipped tooth exposes the nerves inside your tooth. This will be more noticeable when chewing food. You will also feel pain when the chipped tooth is exposed to cold or hot foods and beverages.

With dental chips, you might also have a broken cusp - this is the presence of a chip on the pointed chewing surfaces. Note that this type of dental chip is not very painful, and you will hardly notice it. However, you should have us examine it for any underlying conditions. This is because it can damage the structure of your tooth, leading to the need for a crown to restore the shape.

Underlying Conditions Symbolized By Dental Chips

Dental chips could mean that you have cavities. Given that cavities wear down the structure of your teeth, it will often lead to the formation of dental chips. Some of the other common conditions associated with dental chips include tooth decay and periodontitis. You could have these conditions when you get dental chips. This is why you must contact us immediately after you notice them. When treatment is administered on time, the effects of such ailments are mitigated. You will not risk losing your tooth or experience other challenges. Visit our offices for more details on the dangers of dental chipping.

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