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Should You Restore a Single Missing Tooth?

Posted on 6/7/2021 by John Black
Should You Restore a Single Missing Tooth?If one of your teeth goes missing, you need to replace it. While you may think it will not hurt to have one missing tooth, it still can affect your bite, how you speak, and the placement of the other teeth.

A Missing Tooth Can Cause the Other Teeth to Shift

If you have one tooth missing, the other teeth often shift in the mouth to accommodate the gap left by the missing tooth. When this happens, it can throw off your bite, so it becomes misaligned, or it can cause a problem with crowding. Therefore, it is best to have the gap filled in when a tooth becomes missing.

A Missing Tooth Can Lead to Bone Loss

When you no longer have a tooth, you also lack the root that regenerates gum tissue and bone. With this lack of stability, your bone can soften and dissolve. To ensure your teeth do not shift and you avoid bone loss, it helps to replace a missing tooth with a restoration, such as an implant with a bridge or crown. When you do this, you don't have to worry about the teeth shifting. or dealing with problems, such as bone loss, or infections. Replacing a missing tooth will improve your appearance as well as prevent you from paying for expensive dental work in the future.

Temporary Measures for Missing Teeth

If you would like to get an implant and restoration for a missing tooth, but cannot afford to do so right now, you can always fill in the gap with a temporary restoration, such as a flipper tooth. A flipper tooth is a partial denture that is temporarily used to restore one or more missing teeth. It fills in gaps in the smile so a person feels less self-conscious. However, it only is used until a more permanent replacement, such as a fixed bridge, can be fitted and placed.

Do you currently have a missing tooth? If so, we advise strongly that you replace it. Not only can it cause you problems socially, but it can also interfere with eating and can lead to further dental complaints. Give us a call today to review your options for tooth replacement.

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