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Dental Bonding in Pontotoc, MS

Smiling man who had tooth repaired with dental bonding from South Main Dental in Pontotoc, MSWhen you smile, the first thing that others take notice of is your teeth. When your teeth are anything less than perfect, this can lead you to become self-conscious. You do anything and everything you can to hide your smile. Did you know that this can even impact how people perceive you? If your teeth have you hiding behind tight lips or your hand, composite bonding from John T. Black DMD PA can help.

What is Composite Bonding?

Composite bonding is a procedure that uses a composite resin material to restore a damaged or imperfect tooth. This tooth colored material can be used to fix a variety of different issues:
•  Chipped or cracked teeth.
•  Misshapen teeth.
•  Teeth that appear short (peg teeth).
•  Gaps between your teeth.
•  Discoloration.
•  Root exposure due to gum recession. The composite resin can be used to cover the root area of the tooth.
•  The composite material can also be used in place of amalgam for dental fillings.

How Does It Work?

The process for dental bonding is fairly simple and straightforward. You don’t even need a local anesthetic. We first prepare the tooth by cleaning it and drying it thoroughly. Next, we apply an acidic gel, which creates a rough surface on your enamel, giving the bonding material something better to hold on to. The gel is then washed off and your teeth dried again. The bonding material is attached to your affected tooth and we mold and shape it as needed. Once we have the right shape, we dry the material with a special blue light. Finally, we end the procedure by polishing the new material.

Caring for Your Bonding

Composite bonding doesn’t require much extra care than your natural teeth. It is still important that you brush and floss every day and continue to come in for regular cleanings and exams. You should avoid smoking though, as it can easily stain the resin material. Nor should you bite down on anything exceptionally hard, such as popcorn kernels, pens or your fingernails. With proper care, composite bonding can last for several years.

Benefits of Composite Bonding

Composite bonding offers numerous benefits:
•  Completely non-invasive and pain-free. There is no surgery or anything of the like.
•  The procedure is quick. It can easily be performed during an office visit. There is also no need to worry about getting a crown or veneer.
•  Affordable. Composite bonding is one of the most affordable dental procedures you can undergo, costing significantly less that other methods, such as crowns or veneers.
•  You get your confidence back. With a beautiful smile restored, you can smile confidently once again.

Are There Any Drawbacks?

Composite bonding does have a few drawbacks:
•  The material is easily stained. Foods and drinks that contain dark pigments (berries, coffee, red wine, tomato sauce, curries, etc.) and lifestyle habits such as smoking can lead to a discolored restoration in very little time. You must take care to limit your consumption of these foods and drinks, and quit smoking if you are able.
•  The material is not very strong. Composite bonding can easily chip or break, requiring the need for a fix. Their counterparts – crowns and veneers – are much stronger (and much more expensive).

During your visits with us, we will be able to help you weight the pros and cons of composite bonding. In most cases, it is a highly successful treatment option.

If imperfections in your teeth have you hiding your smile from everyone you meet, composite bonding can help. With an improved, complete smile, you may suddenly find yourself smiling at every opportunity you get. Call Dr. Black today and find out if composite bonding is right for you.
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If imperfections in your teeth have you hiding your smile from everyone you meet, composite bonding can help. Call and schedule a consultation today!
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