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Dental Cleanings & Exams in Pontotoc, MS

Cleanings and exams by dentist from South Main Dental in Pontotoc, MSYour teeth perform many important functions. For them to perform optimally, they need to be cared for properly. Part of this care involves daily home maintenance. The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends that you brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss daily for the best results. While these can play a huge role in keeping your teeth and gums healthy, preventing tooth decay and gum disease, these actions are not enough. Visiting a professional at least twice a year is essential. At South Main Dental, we provide you with the cleanings and exams you need for optimal oral health.

Dental Cleanings

Brushing and flossing are essential elements of maintaining optimal oral health. However, even if you brush twice a day and floss once a day as the ADA recommends, there are many crevices in your mouth. It is possible to miss areas of your mouth. These areas collect plaque and bacteria, which can then lead to serious oral health issues, including tooth decay, receding gums, loose teeth, infections and missing teeth.

At South Main Dental, we can help to ensure the health of your mouth with regular deep cleanings. It is recommended that you have these cleanings performed at least twice a year. With our specially designed tools and expertise, we thoroughly clean your teeth, removing plaque, tartar (hardened plaque, which cannot be removed with regular brushing) and another buildup. We clean all surfaces of your teeth – front, back, in between, chewing surfaces and under the gum line. Manual tools are used to gently scrape surfaces, ensuring that nothing is left behind. Once your teeth are completely cleaned, we apply a special dental polish.

Dental Exams

Exams are just as important as your cleanings and are performed in the same visit. We perform a visual inspection of your mouth, checking for any signs of damage – chips, cracks, fractures, cavities, gum disease or anything else that appears unusual. During these visual exams, we also check for any signs of oral cancer, so you may notice that we check your face and neck as well as the inside of your mouth.

Another important part of your oral exam is the use of X-rays. With the help of X-rays, we can get a closer look at areas we cannot otherwise see, including between your teeth and under your gums. We can see the roots of your teeth, check for infections and assess the condition of your jawbone. X-rays allow us to diagnose a myriad of oral health issues. New X-rays can be compared to older X-rays so that we can monitor the progression or deterioration of your mouth.

Finally, we will take the time to have an in-depth conversation with you. We will ask about your oral hygiene and lifestyle habits (if you drink or smoke). We can provide you with tips on how to optimize your oral health, as well as answer any questions and address any concerns you may have.

Cleanings and exams are an integral part of your oral healthcare routine. If your next dental visit is coming due soon, or you can’t remember the last time you went, call South Main Dental to schedule your appointment today.
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Dental Cleanings & Exams Pontotoc, MS | South Main Dental
Visiting a professional at least twice a year is essential. At South Main Dental, we provide you with the cleanings and exams you need for optimal oral health.
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