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Some People Should Be Sanitizing Their Toothbrushes

Posted on 10/11/2021 by Evan
Some People Should Be Sanitizing Their ToothbrushesWhen it comes to brushing, toothbrushes play an important role. They help get rid of bacteria on your teeth and gums and boost your oral health. However, toothbrushes also need to be cleaned regularly. This is because they accumulate bacteria and could spread them instead. Therefore, it is important to sanitize your toothbrush brush and keep it clean at all times. Luckily, here are some of the ways you can do so.

How To Keep Your Toothbrush Clean

One way of keeping your toothbrush clean is by rinsing it with warm water after use. This helps get rid of the toothpaste residue and the bacteria removed from your teeth. Rinsing thoroughly is crucial because it also helps keep your teeth clean. Using an infected toothbrush could lead to various oral infections.

You should also wash your hands thoroughly before brushing or flossing. This is important because it prevents the spread of bacteria from your hands to your toothbrush. Study shows that about 19% of bacteria found on toothbrushes originates from dirty hands. Therefore, washing them thoroughly using soap and running water will help prevent the spread of bacteria.

Storing your toothbrush in an upright position is also very important. This will stimulate quicker dry-ups. You are reminded to store your toothbrush away from the sink and toilet bowl. This helps prevent the splashing of bacteria-loaded water onto your toothbrush. It is recommended that you store it in an open area away from possible bacteria.

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You should also not share your toothbrush with anyone. Sharing your toothbrush could lead to the spread of oral infections that can be severe. Infections like gums disease and tooth decay can easily develop due to sharing a toothbrush with an infected person. Avoiding such habits will go a long way in keeping your oral health intact. Visit our office for more information on the importance of keeping your toothbrush clean.
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